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Mold damages what it grows on...and the longer it grows, the more damage it can cause.

Molds are an essential part of the natural environment.  Outdoors, they break down dead organic matter. But indoors, molds are potentially toxic, and their growth should be prevented.

There are many types of mold, and they reproduce by means of microscopic, airborne spores. Mold can start growing indoors when its spores float inside from outdoors and land on surfaces that are damp.  Exposure to mold by inhaling or touching mold spores can cause allergic reactions and irritation to the lungs, eyes, skin, nose, and throat.

Mold that gets established can gradually destroy the things it grows on, including home furnishings and structural components.  You can prevent damage to your home and furnishings, save money, and avoid health problems by controlling unwanted moisture intrusion and eliminating potential mold growth.  Protect your investment and your family’s health, and let me inspect your home for mold and the warning signs of mold growth.

Mold Inspection - $295

(This includes: 2 Outdoor Air Measurements, 1 Indoor Air Measurement, and 1 Physical Sampling of any apparent mold found) (Additional mold spore samples may be requested by client for additional fees)

"Got Mold"

Let's face it...most "Do It Yourself Mold Kits" are Worthless.  Testing for mold takes some measure of expertise training and the proper equipment. 

At a minimum, a proper mold inspection should include:

  • 2 Outdoor Air Measurements
  • 1 Indoor Air Measurement
  • and at least 1 Physical sampling of any apparent mold found

If your inspector isn't willing to take these three samples, call us..."We Will".

We follow InterNACHI Mold Standard of Practice.  This is much like a Home Inspection as we go through the structure in search of conditions that are conducive to mold growth.

We compliment our Mold Inspection with a Thermal Scan that helps us locate areas of concern not visible to the naked eye.

We believe that serves you better...and "That's Our Goal".

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